World Book Day

dawn of the unreadWorld Book Day, on 2 March, will again see costumed children wondering their way to school for a twentieth year to celebrate the joys of reading. Since 1997, UNESCO has encouraged countries around the world to join in fun with books. This year, DAWN OF THE UNREAD, a collection of graphic tales about Nottingham characters, will brighten secondary school libraries in the city. 'When the dead go unread, there's gonna be trouble,' according to the blurb. So, Mary Howitt, Byron Clough, Ms Hood and D H Lawrence, 'zombie hunter', step again into Slab Square, urging a new generation to turn the page. Printed in full colour throughout by Colin and Jason on Russell Press's CD102 Heidelberg Press, DAWN is jointly published by Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature and Spokesman Books. Based on an idea by James Walker, designed and typeset by Paul Fillingham, DAWN OF THE UNREAD showcases Nottingham's growing comic talent as well as its regional significance in printing and binding 'boooks'.

By Tony Simpson