To Print or not to Print?

Many experts believe that the print industry is in decline and that print volume is falling. Smithers Pira predict that it’s set to fall by an average of 1.6% up to 2021. With several factors, such as the continued development of technology, that increase ways to connect with audiences and the threats to the UK economy (I won’t mention the B-word), surely print is dead and the industry will die, if all are to be believed

Really, do we believe that? I know I don’t.

Our daily lives have changed and the way we, as customers, consume information has changed. Print is still as relevant now as it was in the past; whether it’s part of your marketing activities or producing information.

There is an intimacy to print; it can persuade, inspire, engage and entertain.

Good books can spark your imagination and take you away, magazines can educate, pass the time and keep you up-to-date, while you’ll always remember an eye-catching advert.

Companies can make you feel valued and special with print. Per Royal Mail’s research, ‘fledglings are more likely to welcome direct mail than the general population with 23% having bought something in the last 12 months because of this. They are also 32% more likely to trust information seen in print compared to the internet. The so-called digital generation prefer printed communications in some cases. Who’d thought that?

What would you prefer? To receive a well-crafted, engaging, printed communication or an impersonal, bland email. Something that you can thumb through or open on screen? Print is tangible, it can be held, looked over, and returned to easily.

We may be in a digital world, but print is still relevant and important. So, next time you are deciding whether print should be part of your marketing activities, the answer is surely ‘yes’. It’s still one of the most engaging platforms available to the public.


 “When viewability in digital is an issue, there’s nothing more viewable than advertising in print

Rebekah Brooks, CEO, News UK

By Gareth Cleland