FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

fsc ® (forest stewardship council ®)We are FSC® certified because we want to purchase paper responsibly. Achieving this approved status is very much in line with our environmental priorities.

What we like about the FSC® Chain of Custody system is that the paper is traceable from the paper merchant and the paper mill right through to the forest where the pulp is sourced. We are also pleased to do our bit to help eradicate illegal forestry thereby supporting the conservation of forests and wildlife worldwide.

Our clients may now have the FSC® logo printed on their publications (when using FSC® certified papers) to show that they are using an environmentally responsible printer.

What is the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC® members comprise a diverse group of representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade, paper industry, forestry profession, indigenous people's organisations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organisations from around the world. It is their job to ensure that the forests are managed to protect wildlife habitats and respect the rights of local communities.

FSC® Chain of Custody is the process by which the source of a timber product is verified.

Certification involves inspection and auditing of the land from which the timber and pulpwood originate and tracking it through all the steps of the production process until it reaches the end user.

Only when this tracking has been independently verified is the product eligible to carry the FSC® Logo.

All products carrying the FSC® Logo have been independently certified as coming from forests that meet the internationally recognised FSC® Principles and Criteria of Forest Stewardship. For a printed product to carry the logo it must be printed on FSC® Certified Paper by an FSC® Certified Printing Company. We have achieved this.

Using FSC® Certified Papers for your printing is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

The FSC® have an excellent website at www.fsc.org that is full of useful information about the Forest Stewardship Council and its policies.